Monday, May 7, 2018

Polka Links

Deshler's BAVARIAN HAUS website is HERE.

OHIO POLKA BOOSTERS website -  check it out HERE.


For Michigan and Toledo, head over to FELIX & STELLA's calendar.  Click HERE.  

For northeast Ohio, "Slovenian Melodies" has a great calendar -- click HERE.

Local Polka Radio:  Sunday Morning Polka Show (with host David Jackson) at 10a.m. to noon on WXUT 88.3FM in Toledo and at . email:  
Listen ANYTIME: You can access David Jackson's Sunday Morning Show (WXUT) through Mixcloud, at the link below:

Polkas on RFD-TV -- Jimmy Sturr, Mollie B, Big Joe - click HERE for more information.

Fred Ziwich & ISM: Marco's Yodeling Medley

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Polka Heritage at BGSU

Bowling Green State University's Music Library and Sound Recordings Archive has received a large collection of historic Polka sheet music and other materials.  Read about it HERE.