Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Polka Time! 2018

Diocese of Toledo festival guide -- more than a few polkas, click HERE.

June 15 -16, Fri / Sat -- Polish Summer Picnic at Oak Shade Grove east of Toledo.  Details HERE.

Polka Fridays at Boeckling Club in Sandusky, info HERE.

July 27 - 29 -- Hamler SUMMERFEST with Mollie B, Fred Ziwich, Jim Busta, and more!  Website HERE.

Aug. 19, Sunday -- Halupki Festival in Marblehead at Holy Assumption Orthodox Church, with Frank Moravcik, Wayne Golob, Ed Klimczak.  11:30 am - 6pm.  Website HERE.

Deshler's BAVARIAN HAUS website is HERE.

OHIO POLKA BOOSTERS website -  check it out HERE.


For Michigan and Toledo, head over to FELIX & STELLA's calendar.  Click HERE.  

For northeast Ohio, "Slovenian Melodies" has a great calendar -- click HERE.

Local Polka Radio:  Sunday Morning Polka Show (with host David Jackson) at 10a.m. to noon on WXUT 88.3FM in Toledo and at . email:  
Listen ANYTIME: You can access David Jackson's Sunday Morning Show (WXUT) through Mixcloud, at the link below:

Polkas on RFD-TV -- Jimmy Sturr, Mollie B, Big Joe - click HERE for more information.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Boeckling Club in Sandusky

A new venue for German food & music in Sandusky . . . The Boeckling Club, 614 Columbus Ave.  The historic building was the former home of Cedar Point entrepreneur George Boeckling.

Wayne Golob polka band will be playing on some Friday nights.  Check the Facebook page HERE.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Polka Heritage at BGSU

Bowling Green State University's Music Library and Sound Recordings Archive has received a large collection of historic Polka sheet music and other materials.  Read about it HERE.