Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mollie B Polka Party Taped at Sawmill Creek

Cleveland's Deutscher Musik Verein (German Music Society) preparing to tape on Wednesday.

UPDATE:  Posting below is from 2014 -- for the latest details on Mollie B Polka Party, click HERE.

The footage from this taping BEGINS to air on June 21. The shows air on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm on RFD-TV. The Wednesday show re-airs on FamilyNet on Thursday mornings at 9:00am. Saturday shows air at 10:00pm on RFD-TV and FamilyNet. The Saturday shows re-airs on Monday mornings at 4:00 on RFD-TV. 

Below is the line-up as listed before taping -- there may be a few additional surprise guests as well.

Tuesday, May 6:
The Casuals
Mike Surrat & The Continentals
Tom Mroczka and the Music Box
Jay Fox & the Bavarian Showtime Band (5pm)
George Staiduhar
Bob Kravos & the Boys in the Band
Frank Moravcik

Wednesday, May 7:
Virgil Baker
Mahoning Valley Button Box Club
Del Sinchak Orchestra
Button Box Divas
Joshua Kay with Fred Ziwich & his ISM
Fred Ziwich & his Internat’l Sound Machine
Deutscher Musik Verein
New Brass Express

Thursday, May 8:
John Gora & Gorale
Ed Guca with John Gora & Gorale
Bavarian Inn's Linda Lee & the Goldenairs
Jack Tady Band
Don Wojtila Band
Klancnik and Friends
Alex Meixner

Friday, May 9:

Skovenski Band
Buffalo Concertina All Stars
The Rheingold Band
Henny & the VersaJs
Jimmy K & Ethnic Jazz
Dick Tady Orchestra

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